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Italian Party Menu /Trays

Italian Party Trays or Buffets 

Your choice of Small or Large, depending on your party needs.
Perfect for School Dinners, Banquets, Conferences, Business meetings, or any Event.



Penne / Fettuccine / Spaghetti with choice of
Saffron / Rose / Alfredo / Tomato Sauce and:
1  Vegetarian$40$80
2  Chicken$45$90
3  Italian Sausage$45$90
4  Meatballs$50$100
5  Special Herbal Rice$20$40
6  Roasted / Mashed Potatoes$30$60
7  Vegetarian Lasagna$45$90
8  Beef Lasagna$50$100
9  Chicken Parmesan$60$120
10 Parmesan Chicken and Veggies o/ Spaghetti                        $60                    $120
*Small trays can serve between 8-10 persons
*Large trays can serve between 15-25 persons


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