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Authentic Desi Pakistani Indian Menu

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Special Birthday/Party Packages Prices

Are you having a Birthday Party? Or any Special event coming up soon? Let us help make your Special day memorable with these great Party packages

Wedding 100+ Party Packages

Party Packages 

Make your Event Memorable with Yummy Food from our Party Packages!

(Walima Wedding)

(Desi Chai, drinks, and Falooda Station)

(Mehndi at the Meridian Hotel Greensboro)

Our Buffets Bars Stations

We Specialize in all kinds of Buffets, Bars, and Stations to make that special day much more Tasty, Memorable, lively, and 

Southern food Setup Fried Chicken and all the sides

Pasta Bar Buffet 
Samosa Chaat and Tandoori Fried Chicken 

Chicken Biryani Beef Biryani Tandoori Naan Butter Chicken 
Halwa Puri

                    "Its a treat for Children and the Adults"

Nacho Bar Buffett  (Heated Crock pots with Melting Cheese, and all the toppings including chicken)

Spaghetti Bar Buffett ( Spaghetti or Macaroni, Sauce, Meatballs, toppings, chicken, etc)

Waffle Station Buffett

IceCream Bar Buffett (your favorite Ice Creams with all the individual toppings of your choice)

Taco Bar 

Comfort Soul food Buffet (Chicken, Mash, Corn, Green Beans, Rolls and Dessert)

Dessert Bar (Mini Cheese cake, peach cobblers, whipped lemon pie, Pineapple upside down)

Mediterranean Buffet!! Mediterranean Rice, chicken kababs, Mediterranean Salad, salsas, Saffron Turmeic Rice, cheese and olives Dessert Ba…

Nazkitchenfun Catering Menu

At Nazkitchenfun We make any event unforgettable. We specialize in weddings, corporate gatherings, office meetings, faith based functions. If you can plan it we can cater it.  China service Paper plates, glasses napkins and other items are available for an additional charge. Menu 

American Classic – Baked Chicken 
– Chicken Steak with a Mushroom gravy
– Baked Macaroni and Cheese
– Fried Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce
– Grill Mix Vegetables
– Green Bean Casserole
– Steamed White Rice
– Mashed Potatoes
– Warm Dinner Rolls
– House Salad with Choice of Dressing

Chicken Cheesy Pot Pie
Croissant Sandwiches  Pinwheel platter Chicken Wraps  Shepard's pie Chicken Club Sandwiches Deviled Eggs Tandoori Chicken Club sandwiches Cheese Trays  Fruit Trays Cheese and Olive Platter

Appetizers  Chicken wings Chicken Tenders Chicken Spring Rolls Veggie Spring Rolls Cream Cheese Poppers Fried Shrimp Planko fried Drumsticks

Mexican Food
– Beef or Chicken Taco’s
– Chicken or Cheese Quesadilla’s
– Beef Burrito’s
– Chips and Salsa
– Queso Con Ca…

Italian Party Menu /Trays

Pictures / Gallery